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Sunday School and Youth Group

Every Saturday in our church, we have the joy and the blessing to have four classes of children and young people. There is a Sunday school class of preschool-age children, a class of elementary-age school children, a class of high school-age children, and finally the youth group.


Early on Saturday afternoon, the appointed deacons and elders occupy the Sunday school children with homework, catechism, entertainment, and lots of play. Later on Saturday afternoon, the youth group gather in the church for discussion, Bible study, and to hang out with each other. Later, they all go out for a walk, coffee, and company.


The Sunday school class and the youth group, are two very blessed places to which you are welcome to bring your children. In this way, they will be taught the Word of God directly from the Bible, they will meet other pure and moral children, while they will stay away from sin and harmful habits, under the supervision of the appointed spiritual people.


You can call the people in charge, and arrange the details:


  1. Head of Sunday school (preschool age): Giannis Kontos (69 ..............)

  2. Head of Sunday school (Primary school age): ......................... (69 ..............)

  3. Head of Sunday school (High school age): .......................... (69 .............. )

  4. Head of Sunday school (Lyceum age and above): Venos Paktitis (6937350063)


Alternatively, send a message here: SUNDAY SCHOOL CONTACT




Οι νέοι της εκκλησίας μας, παραμονή πρωτοχρονιάς του 2017, στη παλιά αίθουσα. Φέτος λόγω του COVID, δεν ζήσαμε τέτοιες όμορφες στιγμές. Ευχόμαστε να είναι τα τελευταία Χριστούγεννα που ζούμε μακριά από την εκκλησία μας.


Οι νέοι της εκκλησίας μας το 2015 σε συμμελέτη

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